The Japan Tofu Association is Japan's representative body of all domestic tofu producers.
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Japan Tofu Association
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Japan Tofu Association

What is the Japan Tofu Association?

Japan Tofu Association Outline

The purpose of the Japan Tofu Association is to promote research, development and education concerning the production, quality and distribution of tofu products, and consequently to provide safe products of good quality to the people and contribute to the further stable development of the tofu industry through the concerted mutual cooperation of its members. JTA members consist of the leading producers in Japan’s tofu industry.

Tofu: A Traditional Food of Japan

As an important source of vegetable protein, tofu is a readily available and low cost traditional food that has been a favorite of the people of Japan since ancient times.
The softness of tofu always posed transportation problems, and as a freshly prepared food product, tofu also has a short shelf life. The difficulties posed by these factors formerly ruled out mass production as well as transportation over a wide area. As such, tofu became a localized food product. In recent years, however, the tofu industry has overcome such obstacles to effectively mass produce tofu to target high volume retail channels through the exploitation of modern transportation methods and sales channels. Overall consumer interest and awareness of tofu has also increased in the recent years.
There has also been recent movements for the clear labeling of food product content and industry standardization.

Japan Tofu Association Activities

In response to the changes in transportation, members of the Japan Tofu Association have answered the needs of their customers by aptly developing their tofu production and transportation structures.
The Japan Tofu Association undertakes educational and training activities covering the soybean (the basic ingredient of tofu), production techniques, quality, transportation and environment. JTA has also undertaken projects such as the creation of the “Tofu Safety System Structure” manual, which adopts HACCP techniques, tofu packaging guidelines, etc.
With a view to further expand the consumption of tofu products, the Japan Tofu Association, together with tofu producers and related organizations and businesses, has established the Japan Tofu PR Center. JTA is responsible for the operation of these offices.


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