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Tofu nutrient content

Tofu nutrients Cotton (Momen) Silken (Kinugoshi)
Protein 9.9g 7.4g
Vitamin B1 0.10mg 0.15mg
VitaminB2 0.05mg 0.06mg
Vitamin E 0.9mg 0.5mg
Vitamin K 19.5ƒΚg 18.0ƒΚg
Calcium 180mg 65mg
Magnesium 47mg 66mg
Iron 1.4mg 1.2mg
Zinc 0.9mg 0.8mg
Potassium 210mg 225mg
Soluble dietary fiber 0.15g 0.15g
Insoluble dietary fiber 0.45g 0.30g

One portion (0.5-Cho), about 150g
*From the 5th Revised Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan

Essential Amino Acids
Amino acids contained in tofu Cotton (Momen) Tofu
Isoleucine 370mg
Leucine 600mg
Lysine 460mg
Methionine 100mg
Phenylalanine 390mg
Threonine 280mg
Tryptophan 100mg
Valine 380mg
Histidine 200mg
Non-essential Amino Acids
Amino acids contained in tofu Cotton (Momen) Tofu
Arginine 550mg
Glycine 310mg
Alanine 320mg
Serine 350mg
Cysteine 120mg
Tyrosine 290mg
Proline 400mg
Aspartic Acid 840mg
Glutamic Acid 1300mg

¦The GI value for tofu is 42 (Cotton (Momen) 0.5-Cho - 150g)
(gChoh = standard tofu unit)
¦GI value
This is a numerical value indicating the speed with which sugar content increases blood glucose levels
Glycemic Index
Comparison value when glucose is 100.
¦The selection of foods with a GI value below 60 is the basic condition of a low insulin diet

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