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Health Report

Health Benefits

Preventing and inhibiting colds and the flew
10. Eat tofu to prevent and inhibit colds and the flew

Tofu contains nutritional elements that boost immunity as well as many nutritional elements that are often lost due to having the flew.

Colds and the flew are often confused, and bad colds can be mistaken for the flew as symptoms worsen. However, there is a big difference between a cold and a flew. Colds are caused by viruses such as the rhinovirus or the coronavirus. Symptoms range from a sore throat, itchy nose, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc., and systemic symptoms are uncommon. In contrast, the flew is an acute infectious disease caused by the flew virus.


The flew causes fever with temperatures exceeding 39Ž (102F) and strong systemic symptoms such as headaches, aching joints, aching muscles, etc, as well as symptoms associated with the common cold such as sore throat, runny nose, etc. The flew frequently causes complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia. If delays in treatment allow the disease to advance, it can result in death for the elderly, people with chronic respiratory/heart disease, and children. The flew is contracted by breathing in the flew virus that has been dispersed into the air from the throat of an infected person.

Although vaccination before an epidemic is apparent is the way to prevent a viral infection, since susceptibility increases in dry air, it is important to wear masks or use humidifiers to maintain a suitable degree of humidity for the nose and mouth. At the same time, it is also important to keep warm to preserve energy and replenish nutrients in order to boost immunity. Tofu contains the essential nutritional elements that boost immunity and provide energy.

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