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How to make Tofu

1. Soybeans are so rich in proteins they are called the gMeat of the Fieldsh Soybeans are so rich in proteins they are called the gMeat of the Fieldsh

The soybean is a plant that rivals fish and meat in protein content. Soybean protein is high quality protein with a good balance of essential amino acids. Soybeans are truly the gMeat of the Fieldsh.

2. Different production techniques result in Cotton (Momen) tofu and Silken (Kinugoshi) tofu

eCottonh (Momen) tofu is placed in a box with holes lined with cotton cloth and pressed with weights to remove excess water as it solidifies. It characteristically has a simple rustic flavor. The box used for gSilkenh (Kinugoshi) tofu has no holes, and no cloth or weights are used in the solidifying process. The result is a fine texture.

3. The difference between gCottonh and gSilkh

Other than the feel of the texture on the tongue, these two tofu types have differences in nutritional content. The choice between two types depending on cuisine and personal preference may be part of the appeal of tofu.

4. Water determines the taste of tofu. Water is important for tofu production as well.

90% of tofu is water. As the saying goes, gWater is the life of tofuh. The soft water of Kyoto is acclaimed for bearing some of the most delicious tofu of Japan. Soft water is the ideal, best tasting water for tofu production.

5. Water is the life of tofu

As well as tofu, the soft water which is predominant in Japan enhances the flavor of tea and soup stocks. The basic elements of Japanese cuisine are derived from low mineral soft water.

6. Storing tofu and keeping the flavor

Tofu is extremely delicate. If you are going to eat it by the next morning at the latest, store in clean water near the bottom of the refrigerator. If you need to store tofu for about two days, blanch once and then chill.