The Japan Tofu Association is Japan's representative body of all domestic tofu producers.
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Ken Dalenberg
American Soybean Association-International Marketing UNITED SOYBEAN BOARD

Message to Japanese Consumers

The U.S. Soybean Export Council has demonstrated its commitment to the Japanese market for over 50 years.
U.S. producers are committed to producing the high-quality food grade beans that the Japanese soy foods market requires.
The U.S. Soybean Export Council encourages producers to diversify their operations by growing non-GMO soybeans.
USSEC aides the Japanese U.S. soy customer by creating programs that modernize the image of traditional soy foods and therefore drive demand. In FY08, USSEC increased funding for soyfood campaigns by 5.8 times over FY07.
Through IP awareness campaigns in the United States, USSEC ensures that U.S. farmers understand the market demands of Japanese soy consumers.

Description of how U.S. farmers invest their money in global marketing activities

U.S. farmers finance marketing activities that promote their existing product abroad and relate international market demands to producers back home.
U. S. farmers invest in international marketing efforts that promote the various health benefits of human soy consumption to a variety of audiences.
U.S. farmers invest in marketing programs to share research that proves sustainably grown U.S. soy provides necessary proteins to humans in an environmentally conscious manner.
Currently, U.S. farmers are financing a project targeted at fellow U.S. producers that promotes adding IP soybeans to their planning rotation as a risk management tool.
U.S. farmers sponsor programs that introduce soyfoods into diets around the world. While bringing foods traditionally found in one culture into another, these programs are respectful of the local culinary heritage and dietary norms.

Ken Dalenberg Profile
Ken and Barbara Dalenberg founded Scatter Acre Farms near Mansfield, Illinois 201 kilometers south of Chicago. They grow both soybeans and corn on 1,110 hectares. A third generation farmer, Ken utilizes modern soil conservation techniques such as filter strips, grass waterways and ditch banks to ensure that future farmers will also enjoy the fertile plateaus of Central Illinois. Using these techniques, Ken averages 3.69 metric tons per hectare annual production.
As a member of the United Soybean Board International Marketing Committee, Ken provides valuable input and oversight that guides the U.S. Soybean Export Council. He also shares his commitment to service through his leadership in Qualisoy, Farm Bureau and the Corn Growersf Association.

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